Egyptian social and political newspaper "Al-Hayat al-Misriya" (Life of Egypt) and "Shabab al-Nil" (Youth of Egypt) published an article dedicated to the report of the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov at the solemn meeting on the occasion of 23rd anniversary of the Basic Law countries.

These articles noted that Uzbekistan has made significant strides since independence in building a democratic state with a developed economy based on the principles of the Constitution.

In particular, newspaper "Al-Hayat al-Misriya" writes that Uzbekistan ensured stable economic growth, which over the years of independent development increased by almost 6 times. At the same time, real income per capita increased by more than 9 times, and the GDP growth over the past 11 years consistently maintains more than 8%. Stable surplus of the state budget and balance of payments, the growth of exports and foreign exchange reserves.

Along with this, it is noted that in the current year nearly 16 billion US dollars has been invested into Uzbek economy, or approximately 23.3% of total assets. In just past 5 years about 67 billion US dollars into sent republic's economy, more than 21% of which - foreign investment.

The publication stresses that on the outcome of International Investment Forum the participants signed a package of agreements worth more than 12 billion US dollars. This demonstrated the confidence of foreign investors in Uzbekistan.

The newspaper reports that in his report President Islam Karimov gave vivid examples of successful investment policy of Uzbekistan, including construction of Ustyurt gas chemical complex worth more than 4 billion US dollars, production of automotive engines and car models "Malibu", "Cobalt" and "Orlando" in cooperation with GM corporation, construction of facilities for production of trucks and buses with MAN and Japanese company Isuzu.

In turn, newspaper "Shabab al-Nil" writes that the head of republic in his report noted the key role of the Constitution in building a democratic state. The Constitution and legislation established on its basis, as well as Concept of further deepening democratic reforms and formation of civil society in the country adopted in 2010 formed the basis for a program of reform, democratization and liberalization of Uzbek society, recognized as Uzbek model of development.

The newspaper writes about the achievements in the field of ensuring rule of law. Example of this is the fact that in 2015 in the international ranking of the American Institute of Public Opinion (USA) - Gallup Institute on "Rule of Law Index" Uzbekistan took 2nd place among 141 countries of the world.

In conclusion, the Egyptian media reported that President of Uzbekistan declared 2016 as the Year of Healthy Mother and Child.

Jahon Information Agency, Cairo


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