President approves measures for development of physical culture and mass sports

During the years of independence, all the necessary conditions for the population, especially the younger generation, for regular physical training and mass sports have been created in our republic in accordance with modern requirements, a large-scale work has been carried out to strengthen young people's will, faith in their own strengths and capabilities, development of courage, feelings of patriotism and devotion to the motherland, systematic organization of measures to select and for targeted training of talented athletes from among young people.

The country has formed an integrated three-stage system of sports competitions "Umid Nihollari", "Barkamol Avlod" and the Universiade, which are becoming more popular among students. Many of our famous athletes have passed through this system; today they are raising the flag of the Motherland on prestigious international arenas. Most importantly, these competitions have become an instrument of the mass attraction of our youth to sports and to a healthy lifestyle.

1 trillion 230 billion soums (currency rates of CB RU from 09.06.2017, 1$= 3874.48  soums) were allocated from the budget only over the past five years for development of physical culture and sports as well as to strengthen its material and technical base.

At the same time, today the issues of coverage of all levels of the population with physical culture and mass sports, wide propagation in all regions of our country of importance of physical culture and mass sports in the life of man and family as the basic condition for physical, spiritual health and perfection, creation of necessary conditions for the youth to show their abilities and talents, improving the selection system and targeted training of gifted athletes from among them, expect their systemic solution. The material and technical base of a number of sports facilities do not meet modern requirements and the level of effective use of their sports facilities remains low.

In order to solve accumulated problems in this area, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan adopted a resolution "On measures for further development of physical culture and mass sports".

The Resolution approved the Program for Further Development of Physical Culture and Mass Sports in the Republic of Uzbekistan, which provides for the implementation of large-scale measures for:

further improvement of the legislation aimed at developing the system of organisation and management of the sphere of physical culture and sports;

strengthening the material and technical base of physical culture and sports, construction of modern sports complexes, equipping them with modern sports equipment, development of the private sector in this area;

scientific and methodological support of the institutions of training, retraining and advanced training of personnel in the field of physical culture and sports, as well as providing sports schools with highly qualified trainers and medical workers;

organisation of health, physical sports, sports and mass works among students of educational institutions, broad levels of the population, holding complex sports events, selecting talented athletes among young people and their targeted training;

and introduction of the position of "Sportsman" in the staff schedules of the republican schools of higher sports skills and children's and youth sports schools by kinds of sports within implementation of the Program will serve as an important step in strengthening the material support system for the members of the national teams of Uzbekistan.

The program also provides for increasing the prestige and significant expansion of the program of three-level sports games Umid Nihollari, Barkamol Avlod and Universiade held among pupils and students of educational institutions by including new types of mass sports in them as well as radically improving the system of worthy encouragement of winners and prize-winners of sports competitions.

Organization of the activity of the Republican and regional councils to systematically monitor the work on selection of talented athletes from among the young people and their target training, implementation of measures to ensure transparency and objectivity in the process of accepting talented athletes in specialized sports schools in the field of physical culture and sport, educational institutions and sports clubs, is sure to become, eventually, a solid foundation of impressive victories of our athletes at the prestigious international competitions.

The decree provides for solution of another important issue on organisation of sports medicine departments in regional diversified medical centers and strengthening of their material and technical base.

Within implementation of the Program in 2017-2021 for further development of physical culture and mass sports in the Republic of Uzbekistan, it is planned to allocate over 995.2 billion soums of cash, of which over 706.2 billion soums will be spent on construction, reconstruction, equipping and re-equipping 167 sports facilities, including 90 sports complexes and 77 swimming pools.

Implementation of measures provided for under the resolution and the Program will further enhance the role of physical culture and mass sports in the life of our society, promote healthy lifestyles among all sections of the population, instill in young people love for mass sports and healthy lifestyles by creating all the necessary conditions for realization of their own sporting talent and abilities and will expand the ranks of well-known athletes who raise high the flag of our homeland in the international prestigious arenas.



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