Uzbekistan: New Breath of Classical Opera

Replenishing the ranks of performers with new voices has given a new breath to the legendary opera The Tsar’s Bride by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.

The play, which will be premiered on June 10 at the Alisher Navoi State Academic Grand Theater, will represent three young performers: Marfa - Angelina Ahmedova, Ivan Lykov - Bekzod Davronov and Lyubasha - Aziza Muhamedova.

 ‘The Tsar’s Bride’ is one of the best operas of the Russian world repertoire. It is full of passion, feelings and experiences. Rimsky-Korsakov wrote it with all the drama.

“It has the richest musical content. The performance has been going on for almost 10 years, and many performers have been replaced in it,” says the Honored Art Worker of Uzbekistan, the production director Andrei Slonim. “This time the main roles will be played by young artists who have substantially renewed the troupe of our theater and are already beginning to make confident steps in their work. In opera, the main qualities are the type of voice, temperament and individual characteristics. At the beginning of the season, when the young people just came to out theater, we decided that they are quite suitable for performing complex opera parts. A lot of work was done on various materials.”

The young artists are laureates of various international and republican awards. For example, the soloist of the State Academic Grand Theater Aziza Muhamedova participated in the Rimsky-Korsakov International Opera Singers Competition. As a finalist, she took part in the final concert at the Mariinsky Theater. The soloist herself says this was one of the bright moments in her life.

In the Navoi Grand Theater, she played in such plays as ‘Eugene Onegin’, ‘The Tricks of Maysara’, ‘Fidelity’, ‘Tohir and Zuhra.’

“The role of Lyubasha in the ‘The Tsar’s Bride’ is distinguished by the fact that it is scaled not only in terms of techniques, but also emotionally. It is necessary not just to sing, but also to convey all the emotions and passions overwhelming the character. This part shows to what tragedy the jealousy of the woman leads, capable to destroy all on the way,” Aziza Muhamedova shares her impressions.

The main role in the opera performed by Angelina Ahmedova is the diploma work of the graduate. She admits that she could not even think she would be an opera singer at the Grand Theater, since she always wanted to become a pianist.

“When I entered the Uspensky Academic Lyceum, my teacher advised me to go to the singing department. I am glad that she noticed my vocal guns,” the intern of the theater Angelina Ahmedova emphasized. “The role of Martha is a huge responsibility to me. This is the image of a detached girl. In life, I am a completely different person - active and purposeful. It is very difficult to convey such a strange quality of her character and it takes a lot of acting. There are plays in which the character of heroes are like yours, but here the director and I have been looking for this image for a long time, and I think I found it.”

Angelina says that music helps her in the first place:

“When I hear it, I understand what to do, because melodies are our emotions and feelings.”

The artist playing the role of Ivan Lykov, Bekzod Davronov, admitted that as a child, the opera was completely not interesting to him:

“I was fascinated by pop art and did not even imagine what opera singing was. But while studying at school, artists from the State Conservatory came to Samarqand with a concert. Among them were such legendary opera singers as Najmiddin Mavlanov and Jenisbek Piyazov. Their performance enchanted me and inspired me to my own path in the theater.”

In general, directors and choreographers do not doubt that the talented young artists have a bright future. After all, the Navoi Grand Theater trained many successful performers who won their worthy place on the world opera scene.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


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