The regulation has been approved on the conferring of specialization majors to the graduates of academic lyceums.

The regulation adopted by the Center for Secondary Specialized Vocational Education and the Ministry of Labor contains a list of individual specialties assigned to the graduates of academic lyceums. Which specialty will be – it is approved by the decision of the teachers' council.

In lyceums, the specialty will be taught as a special subject. To determine the degree of its mastering, a practical examination will be carried out for the students of the lyceum. The schedule of its conduct and practical tasks are posted on the bulletin board 15 days prior to the examination.

Only one practical task in the examination ticket, 15 minutes is given for its solution. A student whose average arithmetic score is less than three, is considered as failed in the exam. Persons who did not pass this test, as well as those who did not come for valid reasons, may retake the exam before awarding the diploma on the graduation of the Lyceum.

In case of disagreement with the result of the exam, the student has the right to appeal within 24 hours from the time of the announcement of its result which will be considered by the Appeals Committee.

And those who successfully passed the exam (the average arithmetic score of which is three or more), are handed over a state-recognized certificate of specialty. It is not a document on the receipt of a second secondary specialized education, but gives the right to realize the acquired knowledge in labor activity.

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