The Institute of Health and Medical Statistics has been transformed into the Scientific Research Institute of Public Health and Healthcare Organization.

The staff of the new research institute will be engaged in methodological guidance of the collection of medical information, including the system of state and departmental medical statistics.

The creation of a single electronic monitoring system for the health of the republic’s population will be a significant innovation for the healthcare system. The Scientific Research Institute of Public Health and Healthcare Organization will be a main institution which is responsible for its formation and functioning.

It will also be engaged in the analysis of the medical information and statistics, and then develop scientifically sound proposals for improving the healthcare system development model based on this.

The development and implementation of specific principles and mechanisms for strengthening a healthy lifestyle, preventing diseases, and measures to develop the medical awareness of the population will be another area of the Institute's activity.

The research institute will also take part in the preparation of normative and legal acts on enhancing the activities and advancement of the health care network and resources.

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