29 May 2017, National Media Board held a presentation at the International Hotel Tashkent. Heads and representatives of relevant ministries and agencies, broadcasters, cable and digital broadcasting platforms, diplomatic corps, international organizations, international advertising agencies, media and other interested persons attended it.

During the presentation, participants were provided information about the National Media Board, its goals and objectives, as well as information about reforms and positive changes in the media landscape of the country. According to speakers, the National Media Board is a professional industry association i.e. Association in the form of non-profit organization. The founders of the National Media Board are leading broadcasters, cable and digital broadcasting companies, advertising agencies.

The National Media Board aims to contribute to raising the media market of Uzbekistan to a new level of development and to unite the interests of the state, population, television channels and market. The commitments of the National Media Board include a variety of socially important functions such as the consolidation of television channels' interests, protection of interests of the market and advertisers, participation in the development of the legislative framework, participation in social partnership projects, improving the qualification level of personnel, etc.

The National Media Board held a tender for the organisation of audience measurement system of Uzbekistan's television.

A number of international companies operating in the field of telemetry invited to the tender, including: "GFK", "Nielsen", "Kantar TNS", "Admosphere Group". One of the world leaders in the market of television audience measurement – "Kantar TNS" (Central Asia) won the tender.

The international practice shows that the modern TV market, in order to develop, or in order to cooperate with international markets, demands the implementation of independent telemetry systems, which provides information on the standards adopted in the international market. From this point of view, one of the main goals of the National Media Board is to promote the organisation of the telemetry system, formation and development of a transparent control mechanism of over the telemetry, and thus promote the development of the television market of Uzbekistan.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the National Media Board Asadjon Khodjaev said: "The state is also interested in the telemetry system, as the telemetry allows to assess the efficiency of state investments for the support and development of television".

 "The National Media Board will take into account the interests of all segments of the television industry and its advertising partners that would ensure the transparency of the television market and would create conditions for strong economic fundamentals for all market participants. It is expected that within two years since the implementation of the telemetry system, the volume of television market will increase by almost twice," - said the Chairman of the National Media Board Ravshanhon Juraev.

Based on the above goals, the National Media Board has set following objectives:

- satisfaction of social needs in getting the real information on television broadcasting, telemetry in these sectors with a purpose for their distribution in the society, protection of consumer rights from abuse, provision of bad quality services, studying the international experience in the field of telemetry, television broadcasting and certification.

- development of projects of normative-legal acts on television, advertising, intellectual property rights ;

- promoting the development of the economic foundations of broadcasting companies by developing media and advertising market;

- interaction and cooperation with international industrial organizations;

- preparation and training of professionals in the field of television, advertising and marketing communications.

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