The President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev has signed a decree on the establishment of the joint-stock company Uzbekhydroenergo.

The company will merge all hydropower stations, hydrotechnical and other hydropower related units of Uzbekenergo, as well as Uzsuvenergo Association of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources.

The funds disbursed from sales of electricity generated by Uzbekhydroenergo, net of the costs for maintenance of existing hydroelectric power stations, will be channeled to the construction of new and upgrade of current facilities as reinvestment, and will be excluded from the taxable base for corporate income tax.

Payment for electricity generated by hydroelectric power plants will be built by tariffs at the rate of 85% of the final tariff for consumers, taking into account the value added tax.

The new company will pursue a unified technical policy in electric power generation at hydroelectric power stations, ensuring safe and efficient operation of hydraulic structures, as well as centralized technological management of hydropower facilities.

It will be also in charge for the development and implementation of hydropower development programs based on the integrated development of hydropower capacity, and ensuring the increase in the share of hydropower in the structure of the country’s energy balance.

Earlier, the head of state approved the Program of Measures on the Further Development of Hydropower Engineering for 2017-2021. In the next five years, it is planned to build a record number of new hydroelectric power stations – a total of 42. Another 32 will be upgraded in accordance with international standards.

In the course of implementation of the hydropower development program, Uzbekistan will focus on several key directions. The primary objective implies consistent creation of new and upgrade of existing generating capacities in the electric power industry through the widespread use of renewable clean energy sources.

Along with that, it is planned to introduce modern and comprehensively grounded scientific and technical solutions in the design and construction of large, medium, small and micro hydroelectric power stations and, thereupon, increase the share of hydropower capacities in the structure of the energy balance of the republic.

Another important point comes to all-round stimulation of careful attitude to the water reserves of the republic, preservation of the existing flora and fauna during the construction of hydraulic structures, as well as effective water resources management. Most importantly, our country will fulfill all the obligations it has undertaken and comply with ratified international agreements in the field of protection and use of trans-boundary watercourses and international lakes.

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