Scholars of Uzbekistan and Germany jointly make the first attempt in the history of our country to organize and improve diagnostics and medical care for patients with primary immunodeficiency diseases using the experience of the world's leading centers.

Primary immunodeficiency diseases are a group of more than 300 rare conditions associated with congenital defects of the immune system. Severe bacterial, viral and fungal infections, autoimmune diseases and an increased tendency to develop malignant neoplasms are their typical manifestations. According to the European Society of Immunodeficiency, every person born with a defective immune system should take clinical and scientific assistance.

The consortium of the leading medical institutions of Uzbekistan and Germany which includes the Scientific Research Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion from the Uzbek side, the Center for Human Genetics and Laboratory Diagnostics of Dr. Klein, the Medical Center of the University of Freiburg, the Center for Chronic Immunodeficiency at the Center for Translational Cell Research from the German side, are working on this task. The research will be financed within the framework of a grant from the German Ministry of Education and Researches.

“Up to now a little is known about primary immunodeficiency diseases in Uzbekistan, as the clinical immunology in the Central Asian region is at the initial stage of advancement. The country does not have the strategies for diagnosing and treating the patients with these diseases. Our German partners diagnose and treat in accordance with the instructions of the Association of German Medical Societies, recommendations of the expert committees of the European Society of Immunodeficiency and the International Association of Immunological Societies”, says the head of the Center for Cellular Technologies and Molecular Medicine at the Research Institute of Hematology, Doctor of Medicine, professor Hamid Karimov. “As a part of the ongoing researches, we plan to introduce this experience in Uzbekistan, especially since the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases with the advent of new technologies, especially in genetics, yield good results. This will be a complex high-tech work, as far as, before introducing the technologies, it is necessary to have a scientifically grounded state of affairs with these diseases in our country.

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