The head of our state regularly travels to various regions of the country, metropolitan areas, conducts a dialogue with people, studies their concerning issues on the spot, determines priority tasks in the sphere of socio-economic advancement. The President’s recent visit to the Olmazor district of Tashkent was meant to address these goals.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with the projects of a new shopping center and multi-storey houses which will be erected in this area. At the intersection of Nurafshon and Farobi streets will be built three-storey shopping center "Eski Shahar". To create conveniences for the visitors, it is projected to emerge cafes, children's playgrounds, parking and other facilities. 250 people will be employed with the opening of the center.

The President of our country inspected the construction place of the shopping center. He noted the need to open a "Knizhniy mir” (Book World) in the center of the store and a cinema to show films from the treasury of the national cinema. The goal of erecting such a large structure in the capital is to further boost the life quality of the inhabitants of the Old City. For this purpose, it is necessary to placed special attention on the construction of the complex on the basis of modern architectural requirements, improvement of the adjacent territory, creation of amenities and comfort for the population.

According to the Decree of the President, it was developed a project for the construction of 12 seven-storey houses at the intersection of the Small Ring Road and Qorasaroy Street. They were designed for 800 apartments, are of great significant in enhancing the living conditions of needy families, providing them with affordable, modern and comfortable housing. The head of state noted the necessity to take into account the families living in the Old City who need housing, strict adherence to the criteria for fairness in the distribution of apartments.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev also got acquainted with the project of a new park of culture and recreation which will be created at the shore of the Qichqiriq Canal. Particular mention was made on the need to turn this park into a place for walk and have a rest of the people, taking into account the ancient traditions of Tashkent.

The President visited to the mahalla "Tabassum" and talked with its residents. At the meeting, there was question on the reforms in the socio-economic development of the region, the work being done to improve the spirituality of youth, the culture of reading.

Mahalla should become a hotbed of culture and spirituality, to this end it is necessary to increase the interest of the population, especially young people in reading, the President of our country said. The book enriches the spiritual world of man, teaches us to love the Motherland.

The construction work is currently underway at the center of the citizens gathering. There are separate offices for the chairman, secretary and consultants of the mahalla, the local police inspector for prevention. It is planned to build a hairdresser shop, beauty salon, shop and bakery. This will serve to further enhance prosperity, strengthen the cohesion of people, the consent, kindness and mercy that are inherent in our people.

Every official should listen to the people's concerns, solve their problems, in a word, to work so that people are satisfied with their lives, said the head of state. Then they will have confidence in the state, confidence in the next day. The betterment of mahallas and creating the necessary conditions for the people are of great importance in this case.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev got familiarized with the project of the information and resource center erected on the territory of Talabalar shaharchasi (Students’ Village).

The new center will meet modern requirements. The complex houses the electronic-resource, reading, multimedia, conference halls and a hall of periodical literature. This will create great comfort for the students, students and teachers of various universities and specialized secondary professional educational institutions.

The President of our country gave instructions to better the project and concept of the center, expand its activities, and noted the need to create a complex in the form of the National Research and Education Center for Students of Uzbekistan under the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education. There will be a database on all sciences. By means of cutting-edge technologies it will be used by higher educational institutions of the country. The will be established the cooperation with the world's leading universities and created an opportunity to use online lectures. The park will be divided into a park and the busts of great Uzbek thinkers and famous scientists of the world will be installed.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev also visited to the Onyx Tashkent limited liability company. The enterprise, being the only one in Central Asia, produces 20 tons of modern glassware per day providing work for 200 people. The presentation of the project on advancement of the production and services in Olmazor district in 2017-2018 was conducted here. It provides for attracting the population to entrepreneurship, providing graduates of professional colleges with work, efficient use of empty and unfinished buildings. Instructions are given for the effective use of vacant buildings in the district, the organization on their basis of production of modern demanded products.

The President visited the Imam Termizi mosque. In the world at all times, there is a huge interest in studying the rich scientific heritage of our great ancestors. In foreign countries, scientific and artistic works about their life and activities have been created. Work is under way on a deep scientific study of the unique heritage of Abu Iso Termizi.

We are a happy generation, a happy people, as we are heirs of outstanding thinkers, the President of the country stressed. And should be worthy of our great ancestors. This requires a high level of responsibility from all of us.

We are going to create the Center for Islamic Culture in the complex Khazrati Imam (Hast-Imom), said Shavkat Mirziyoyev. Our compatriots, foreign guests in this center will have the opportunity to closely get acquainted with the heritage of our country.

“Jahon” Information Agency


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