During the first six days of participation in the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games, the Uzbek team, consisting of 40 athletes, has won 30 medals, which allowed them to enter the top three teams of these prestigious competitions. And this is not the limit: the competition will continue until May 22.

In total, over 3,000 athletes from 57 countries participate in the Islamic Solidarity Games in Azerbaijan. In these days, eight kinds of sports have become medals for the country: karate, artistic and sports gymnastics, shooting, judo, parade, weightlifting and tennis.

Attention of the participants of the games was focused on the performance of the legend of the world sport gymnastics from Uzbekistan – the 40-year-old Oksana Chusovitina. She scored 14.25 points in the base jump and won the gold medal.

Our young karateka Sadriddin Saymatov also became winner of the games, who in weight category of up to 60 kg won three gold medals in three stages of the Premier League Karate1. In the finals of Islamic Solidarity Games, he again met with Aikut Kaya from Turkey and again surpassed his rival. For a couple of seconds before the end of the fight, the Uzbek karate player conceded 1: 2, but thanks to a precise shot he managed to snatch the victory - 4: 2.

Abdulaziz Atabaev in the semifinals lost to Azerbaijanian Ayhan Mamaev with a score of 3: 1 and earned the bronze award. Two more bronzes were secured by Barno Mirzaeva (up to 61 kg) and Dostonbek Otabolaev (up to 75 kg), having suffered defeat from opponents with a difference of one point.

Representatives of Uzbekistan Anastasia Serdyukova, Nurinisso Usmonova and Sabina Tashkenbaeva earned a silver medal in team performances.

In individual exercises Anastasia Serdyukova won two silvers in disciplines with a hoop and a ball and a gold medal with clubs. Sabina Tashkenbaeva was awarded bronze medals in exercises with maces and ribbon.

In shooting from an air rifle at a distance of 10 m, Saidkhon Saifuddinov received a bronze. Among the women in the same discipline, Sakina Mamedova came third, losing to the Iranians Nargees Emamguli and Elahekh Ahmadi.

Weightlifting also became medal winning. Representatives of the national team won four medals. Muattar Nabiyeva (up to 58 kg) won the bronze medal, with 196 kg in the combined event (89 kg in the snatch, 107 kg in the jerk). Kumushkhon Fayzullova (up to 63 kg) was awarded "silver" with a total result of 108 kg (84, 103). Manzurakhon Mamasaliyeva (up to 69 kg) became a bronze medalist, raising 203 kg (91, 112) in total. Omadoi Otakuziyeva (up to 75 kg) coped with the weight of 208 kg (94, 115) and came third.

Among men, a bronze medal was won by Doston Yokubov, with a combined total of 314 kg (137, 177).

In the team competition in tennis, Uzbek players Polina Merenkova, Sabina Sharipova and Kamola Umarova took the second place - after four games they won three matches, losing only once. Above were the rivals from Turkey, who did not lose a single match. The men's team, which included Sergei Fomin, Saidalo Saidkarimov and Amal Sultanbekov, won the bronze, defeating rivals from Qatar - 2: 1.

In the judo competition, Gulnoza Matniyazova became the best in the weight category up to 70 kg, the bronze medalist of the Olympic Games Diyorbek Urozboev (up to 60 kg), Davlatbek Bobonov (up to 81 kg) and Bekmurod Oltiboev (+100 kg) became bronze medalists of Islamic Games. In team competitions, men's and women's judo teams earned bronze medals.

Representatives of the Paralympic judo team Shuhrat Boboev (up to 90 kg) and Shirin Sharipov (+100 kg) climbed to the highest stages of the podium, beating Iranian Muhammed Ali Shanani and Azerbaijani Kanan Abdullahanli, respectively. Feruz Saidov (up to 73 kg) in the battle for the gold lost to the local athlete Ramil Gasimov. Gulrukh Rahimova (up to 70 kg) won the bronze.

“Jahon” Information Agency


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