The Center for the Promotion of Cinematography has presented the first premiere of feature film by Aziz Rametov ‘Arslon Izidan’ (Following the Lion’s Trail), which made a great impression. It was filmed at the Miraman Production Film Studio and debut film of Aziz Rametov as a director who presented to the audience and film critics the fruits of his work.

Following the Lion’s Trail is an action film, the story of which is happened in several countries, including Uzbekistan, Russia, Turkey, Tajikistan and the UAE. And everywhere a criminal trace of the mafia remains, which tramples on the laws of society and the state.

But the looted millions of the main character - the drug lord, nicknamed Arslon (played by Nurulloh Jumayev) and his minions will not bring happiness to these young dehumanized men who lost their way. They have to be punished: for betraying their Motherland, for having lost their conscience and ready to commit any crime for power and money.

The film is a convincing warning for those who are ready to take this way. It is ended with a successful operation of law enforcement agencies, which perform a relentless struggle against violators of the law.

“We started work on the film back in 2013,” the young actor Nurulloh Jumayev shared with UT correspondent. “At first, the idea was simple: five athletes lose their way and get into the criminal environment. However, it was decided to pay special attention to the theme of drug trafficking, terrorism and human trafficking, as today the whole world combating this terrible evil. I think that this is a good lesson for our young people. This is a kind of guide how to build lives in order not to make irreparable mistakes, love home country and protect it.”

An excellent addition to the flick turned the original music by the composer Jasur Badalbayev.

The film director himself noted that part of the flick was devoted to the work of Uzbek special services, thanks to which peace and tranquility reign not only in the film, but in real life.

“Jahon” Information Agency


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