Close attention that has been paid to the reformation of agriculture, including the development of livestock, poultry, beekeeping in Uzbekistan, has been producing tangible outcomes of late. Uzbekistan not just fully supplies the domestic market with products, but also actively exports them.

There are 357 specialized livestock farms in the Fergana region today. 80 projects on enhancement of production of high-quality meat and milk products have been implemented in breeding farms in 2016 and 2017.

The program of measures on the development of livestock production in the region is seen as an important factor for increasing the number of livestock and improvement of breeds.

A businessman of Kuva, Isokjon Nasriddinov, founded the farming enterprise Safia Sulton specializing in animal husbandry, poultry farming and rabbit breeding in 2008. Initially, he imported from Germany 72 cows, while now the farm keeps 520 cows.

Competing internships for further livestock development in Holland, Germany and Ukraine, the farmer now ranks among the region’s leaders in supply of cattle to the population and farmers. He is currently building a modern paddock designed for 700 head of cattle in the idle area of the ‘M.Rahmatov’ enterprise in the district. It is planned to keep there 60 heads of thoroughbred cattle, 500 dairy cows and 600 goats, which will be purchased in Germany.

The farm is also establishing an artificial insemination laboratory. The farm will be equipped with an automated system with biogas equipment for 350,000 dollars. This project will create 150 jobs. The farm is running a training center for veterinary services for practical training of 60 college students.

A specialized livestock farm Volida of the Ferghana region has been expanding year by year. The farm imported from Germany 450 heads of cattle. There is also a modern plant with processing capacity of 5 tons of milk per day. Milk and dairy products are mainly supplied to hospitals, educational institutions of the district and the Ferghana city.

Development of animal husbandry expands opportunities for the development of market infrastructure in the countryside, and establishment of industrial production. The number of livestock processing enterprises has been growing in rural areas. Contributing to the supply of meat and dairy products to the population, those enterprises provide jobs to rural residents, vocational college graduates, and women. 

“Jahon” Information Agency


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